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    Child development at an early age

    The goal of the Early Childhood Development Program is to support and empower children and their families aged 0-6 years by creating appropriate systems and services at the community and municipal level to help create a supportive, safe and child-centered environment.
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    Child protection

    Trainings for practitioners on the topic - "Use of information and communication technologies" in the distance learning process. Up to 100 practitioners working in partner institutions will be involved in the training process. Up to 100 practitioners working in partner institutions will be involved in the training process.
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    Empowering young people

    Youth is a special value for the country, an important segment that has a great potential to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. It is necessary to create an appropriate environment for the full-fledged development of young people, to offer appropriate programs ...
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    Trained teacher annually

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    პროგრამაში ჩართული მშობელი

    7 May, 2021

    The success story of a single parent

    26 March, 2021

    Marina is a young girl who lives in the partner community of the CSG Center with her two young children and her husband. Marina's main activity was raising children and family activities, but she also had a number of other skills and, if supported, could realize her potential. The support and assistance of the CSG Center proved crucial and important for Marina and her family.

    Marina has always been attracted to and interested in knitting, embroidery and handicrafts. However, he could not imagine that his further activities would be related to his favorite job. In the process of working with Marina's family, it became clear that she was particularly interested in the art of felt processing, and it was decided to develop an activity in this direction, which would later become a source of small income for her. After the involvement of the Kakheti Regional Development Center, his life changed completely. With the help of the organization, Marina underwent professional training, studied felt processing techniques and started making accessories and souvenirs from felt. In order to start her own business, the Marina Center provided all the necessary materials for the production of items, after which the Center started to sell handicrafts. Today Marina has her own business, has a small income and is an independent and realized woman.

    "The organization suddenly appeared in my life and everything changed. It gave me the opportunity to learn and do what I have always liked and most importantly to make this a source of income for me. "Once I started working on felt and selling it, I became more confident." Notes Marina. "I, as a mother, am happy to have the opportunity to ensure the well-being of my children with my own income. With the help of the CSG Center, a number of positive changes have taken place in my and my children's lives."

    The success story of a single parent

    25 March, 2021

    Salome is a single parent living in the CSG Center partner community who has been caring for her three young children completely alone for years. Meeting with the CSG program radically changed the lives of Salome and her girls. Although Salome is a caring and loving parent, she could not afford to care for her children properly and meet their basic needs due to living conditions and social hardship. Due to her small income, Salome found it difficult to feed her children, and in many cases the children had to stay hungry.

    He also did not have enough firewood to heat his house in the winter and was able to move through the winter in the hope of his neighbors. Abandoned by her husband, Salome spent several years with her children in one of the settlements, in an apartment rented by a relative, where there was no furniture, no heat, and no other important conditions for the development of the children. Salome tried to take care of the children in the hope of social assistance. He did not have a supportive circle and could hardly take on the responsibilities imposed on him. Salome's family was informed about the CSG program, after which they were involved in family support services and the family was provided with basic necessities. However, after meeting with Salome, it became clear that there was a high risk in the family that the children would be transferred to state care due to unsuitable environmental conditions. That is why the CSG program planned complex work with Salome. Salome got involved in a family support model and started working intensively with a family supporter to strengthen her. In the first stage, his living conditions were adjusted. With the help of the municipal social service, a safe and secure apartment was rented in the village where the lives and health of the children were not endangered. In addition active work was planned in terms of professional development of the young mother.

    A job was found and Salome was hired. He was actively involved in the work process and in addition to being employed, he also started an active social life. It can be said that Salome, who used to have difficulty caring for her own children and looked to the future with fear, is now an independent and strong woman who, without any help, manages to take full care of her children independently, lives in a safe and secure environment and leads an active social life.

    The first steps to Salome's success

    17 March, 2021

    In December 2019, the Kakheti Regional Development Program announced a small grant competition for state-cared and out-of-care youth to fund project ideas, led by training young people in project writing and general entrepreneurial skills. Two young girls were particularly active. One of the project ideas involved purchasing costumes for animated characters and operating a group of animators for the birthdays of children and adults. They came up with interesting project ideas, got funding and started the business with great enthusiasm. A girl who was in state care from a young age. He was small when he met with the staff of the Kakheti Regional Development Center and since then he has not severed ties with the organization. He has been a loyal member of the Peace Road Club for many years and is now a successful adult. "This initiative has given me the opportunity to show my abilities. To further analyze what my life purpose, interest and aspirations are. For a young man. " "Kakheti Regional Development Center gave me self-confidence, the ability to manage emotions and most importantly taught me how to fight for success. Many important events in my life are connected with the Kakheti Regional Development Center and the team that works there. "